Books to help your relationship

After The Affair - Julia Cole:

Finding out that your partner has had an affair can feel like the end of the world; the ultimate betrayal. This book takes a frank yet sensitive look at why people embark on affairs, explores the devastating effects on the person who has been betrayed, and shows how individuals and couples can recover.

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Baby Shock! - Elizabeth Martyn:

Babyshock! draws on the expertise of Relate counsellors and explains how your relationship is affected from the first decision to try for a baby, through pregnancy, birth and babyhood, up to the stage of caring for toddlers and young children.

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Before you say 'I Do' - Elizabeth Martyn:

Using practical checklists and questionnaires "Before You Say I Do" helps you gain a deeper understanding of how your relationship works and build the bedrock of a marriage that is happy stable and fulfilling.

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Loving Yourself Loving Another - Julia Cole:

This guide reveals how a lack of self-esteem can profoundly affect an individual's close relationships. Comprising exercises, advice, and self-awareness puzzles, this guide is designed to help the reader improve their emotional well-being.

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Better Relationships - Sarah Litvinoff:

Everyone who falls in love hopes that it will be forever. The truth is that relationships inevitably change and few things in life cause more distress than when problems develop in a relationship. A highly readable and practical guide.

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Moving On - Suzie Hayman:

Suzie Hayman draws on her many years as a Relate counselor and agony aunt to provide information and advice on how to cope in a positive manner, with the stress caused by relationship breakups.

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Starting Again - Sarah Litvinoff:

When a relationship finishes it can feel like the end of the world; but it is also a new beginning. 'Starting Again' can help you deal with your feelings of separation, grief and recovery, and will help you to start looking to a positive future.

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Staying Together - Susan Quilliam:

Staying Together offers advice on making your relationship stronger again, by rediscovering what brought you together and helping you to recommit to each other and your relationship.

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Step Families - Suzie Hayman:

One in three people find themselves as part of a step family or ‘second family’ at some point in their life. This book offers practical and positive strategies for coping for all the people involved – ‘new’ parents, established parents, children, the ‘ex’, grandparents.

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Stop arguing - Start talking - Susan Quilliam:

Tells you everything you need to know about identifying your personal trigger points, stopping the misunderstandings before they start and turning heated rows into constructive discussion.

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Sex in Loving Relationships - Sarah Litvinoff:

This understanding book guides the reader step-by-step through the underlying problems which can arise in any relationship and inhibit a fulfilling sex life. It offers a wealth of practical advice on sexual techniques and sympathetic guidance on overcoming possible sexual difficulties.

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After The Affair
Baby shock
Before you say I do

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